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Follow Me
260 EUR / 300 USD
VAT excl.
Follow Me

Landing Light

Landing Light Follow Me is landing light (white) which covers all the required spectrum - the terrain and runway ahead during takeoff and landing procedure. The light is very compact and efficient, always ensuring you to have extremely clear visibility.

   Equip your aircraft with landing light 


        Advanced optics together with special reflection system and high
    brightness CREE LEDs are providing outstanding performance and
    brightness output much higher than required.


Anodized alluminium encapsulation ensures that the lamp is water and vibration resistant. The state of art construction does not allow any dust to come into the lamp and moreover its electronics is protected against reverse polarity connection.





Technical data 
Operation voltage range 11,8V-28V
Dimensions 71mm x 61mm +bracket
Weight 330g
Operation temperature range - 20°C to + 80°C
Current 2,8 (13,5VDC) - 1,4 (27VDC)
Input power 38W
Light angle (2 lamps) 12° narrow range (per each)
Light angle (1 lamp) 30° wide range
Light luminosity 8000lm
Converter Built in
Glass type Plexiglass (6mm, lens system)
Wiring requirement 1mm2 cable
Encapsulation Anodized alluminium
Reverse polarity protection YES
Vibration resistance YES
Water resistance YES
Warranty 2 years

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